About Kunnil Group

MarginFree Hypermarket is a retail and whole sale division from Kunnil group of supermarkets which are promising in Trivandrum city.we serve only high quality products for our customers. We represent for Quality retailing with all products below MRP throughout the year.

Kunnil Margin Free Market revamped its hoard located at Medical College needs of customers.Kunnil Margin Free Hypermarket is a complete shopping destination located at Byepass, near to Infosys which consists veriety of options under just one roof.This hypermarket & margin free marketcarries an enormous range of products like procery,fruits & vegetables,general merchandise, with national and international brands. The hypermarket offers an ultra-modern shopping ambience by integrating a plethora of products with friendly staff at hand to provide fecilities, Credit and Debit card payments etc.Good range and pricing at Kunnil Margin Free Hypermarkets is a strong pull for any shopper.

Customers want the best, at the best prices, and are willing to explore options. Therefore, the store offers a wider range and assortment of merchandise now in various categories, an extensive fish and meat counter, home accessories , a bakery counter offering puffs, cutlets, sandwiches, cakes, and so on to suit the daily needs of a modern customer. The consumers can also take advantage of MFREEM Consumer Card, Which entitle them for additional discount from 4% to 40%. The shop also offer attractive discounts and gift schemes for consumers building special occasions. Nowadays customers do not prefer travelling far to make their purchases but retailers to be located in prominent/ strategic locations with in the city limits. Therefore, one can find that Kunnil Margin Free Hypermarkets and Marginfree Market are located in the core locations of the city, Medical College and Kulathoor Bye pass road.A complete Medical store is placed inside Kunnil Margin Free Hypermarket.and is a speciality of it. The Management has desided to expand its horizon by expanding its business to Gold and Jewels. The new branded Kunnil Gold Park will be opening soon. The success of Kunnil Margin Free Hypermarket is really as a result of the perceived value they provide. The store has everything-form a safety pin to household articles to grocery to exotic vegetables and fruits.

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